I have available a couple of the previous version Foundation Manuals V3.

These are BRAND NEW and UNUSED.More than suitable to study for you Foundation Licence and keep as a handy reference manual in your book collection. 

This is a third edition of the “Your Entry Into Amateur Radio” the Foundation Licence Manual .

This full colour 104 page manual is packed with valuable information for anyone interested in learning about the hobby of amateur radio and for those interested in obtaining their Foundation Licence.

The manual contains all the relevant information you will need to know to successfully complete a training course to obtain a Foundation Licence. It also contains a wealth of reference information for the Foundation Licence operator, information such as Band Plans, Electrical Safety, operating procedures such as the use of Phonetics and the Q code, radio club information, emergency preparedness etc.

The Update Supplement for The Foundation Manual Third Edition – Supplement November 2019 can be downloaded as a PDF from the WIA website.

Only $25

Pickup is ok or posted for $10

Regards Lee