Need a full 1000 Watts for your 6m high power EME high power permit?

The RF KIT RF2KS will do 1kW JT65 on 6m with plenty of headroom.

Price $9495.00  (+ delivery from Melbourne)

RF-KIT RF2K-S Amplifier Specifications and Features:

  • Frequency Range: 1.8-30 MHz and 50-54.2 MHz
  • RF-Output: 160m-10m: 1500 Watts. (Up to 2kW PEP SSB/CW)
  • RF-Output: 6m, 1100 Watts.
  • Exciter Drive Level: up to 55 Watts on all bands
  • Efficiency: Up to 70% varies by band
  • TX/RX switching: <2mS PIN-Diode switching
  • Internal Automatic Antenna Tuner ( unlimited Memories )
  • 1X TX/RX Input and 4x Antenna Outputs
  • Excellent signal quality
  • Very silent operation due to speed controlled low noise fans
  • Dual LDMOS BLF 189 devices rated at 3400 Watts
  • 7-inch Color Touch Screen
  • Multiple user selectable displays
  • -55 dB output for Predistortion
  • Auto RF Sensing Band Selection
  • YAESU® Band Data Interface
  • YAESU BCD Band DATA output for external devices
  • CAT Connectivity through USB
  • CAT through IP ( UDP )
  • LAN Connectivity (full Remote operation)
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity ( Host or Client mode )
  • Quiet internal PSU 90-290 VAC
  • 800W output 110 VAC; full power at 230 VAC
  • Power Meter from 1 W through 3 KW
  • Software Update via Internet
  • Full Remote Internet operation via PC, Tablet or cell phone
  • Supports platforms such Apple® IOS, Android®, Linux® and MS Windows®
  • External Power/ON applying +12V
  • Dimensions HWD: 7,4 x 12,2 x 16,7 inch. / 19 x 31 x 42,5 cm
  • Weight: 35,2 lbs / 16 Kg

The RF-Kit B26-PA, RF2K-S comes fully assembled, completely aligned and calibrated to specification, rated for 3,400 Watts total input power using Dual LDMOS devices. RF switching is silent by the super-fast RF pin diodes offering flawless QSK CW.

RF-sense automatic band changing is excellent for remote and hand free operation. Included is a full power rated internal automatic antenna tuner with unlimited memories and 4 auto switched antenna output connectors.

The RF-KIT RF2K-S is fully remote controllable via PC USB, Ethernet, LAN and even Wi-Fi.

Control is supported by software supporting most O/S and platforms

Real time monitoring is achieved utilizing the 7 inch (178mm) color touch screen with many user selectable display options or viewing power, SWR and temperature information on your PC, laptop or mobile device.

One RF input is complemented with four antenna outputs on the rear panel which are selectable either remotely or by the touch screen. Supplied with a pre-distortion output for suitable transceivers, the RF-KIT Amplifier offers excellent signal quality.

The RF-KIT RF2K-S offers instant switch on, full power, high speed full QSK with silent pin diode switching, the ultimate Solid State RF Amplifier solution for your Ham Shack.


Available exclusively in Australia from DX Systems.