• Genesis G59: All mode 160-6m SDR Transceiver

The Genesis “G59” is arguably the best performing SDR kit ever available to amateur radio operators. 

The “G59” is an all-mode 160-6mSDR transceiver with 10mW of output power. The output is boosted to 10W with the “GPA10” linear amplifier.

This G59 also includes the rare enclosure for both the G59 board, and the GPA10. It is a compact size, ready for travelling and is a perfect companion with a notebook pc.

Key specifications:


  • Adjustable synthesizer with 1Hz step, IIP3 32-35dBm
  • MDS: -116 to -122dBm (RF preamplifier ON: -132 to 134dBm)
  • RX Sensitivity 0.15-0.2uV for 10 dB S/N ration and max S/N measured ration is 70dB
  • Image rejection is from -35dBc to -50dBc (hardware) or better than -80dBc (hardware plus software)
  • Receiver 1dB compression point is +10dBm
  • Second RX antenna input


  • G59 output power: 10mW, GPA10 output power: adjustable 0-10W
  • Carrier suppression is from 45-60dBc (Hardware)
  • TX Image Rejection is from -35dBc to -50dBc (hardware) or better than 60dB with GSDR software
  • built-in microphone preamplifier
  • IAMBIC keyer with CW monitor

Both the G59 and GPA10 kits are fully built and operational.

I’ve used the unit for SSB, CW (also CW Skimmer), AM, digital modes (including FT8) and I did my first RD Contest on this unit. 

The G59 operates on a special version of Flex’s PowerSDR software called GSDR. Genesis radio has a very active group on https://groups.io/g/GenesisRadio